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Battery Chemicals

Charting the Future

CDI Engineering Solutions is at the forefront of implementing low and zero carbon solutions for process industries.

We have had the privilege of supporting the implementation of the world’s first commercial scale Green & Blue Ammonia Projects.

Synthetic fertilizers based on ammonia are essential to the well-being (if not the very lives) of most of the 7+ billion people on Earth, and CDI is proud to have supported most of the world’s largest producers of ammonia in the design and implementation of their facilities during the past 40 years.  However, ammonia production is highly energy-intensive, resulting in about 2% of global CO2 emissions.

Green Ammonia is produced without fossil fuel, using renewable electricity to drive the process.

Blue Ammonia is produced with a lower carbon footprint than conventional ammonia, using Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) technologies to minimize the release of CO2 produced in the process to the atmosphere.  Ammonia production is one of the best processes to use with CCUS since the CO2 is produced in nearly pure form as a process output.

Blue and Green Ammonia also play a more critical role in decarbonization than just reducing the carbon footprint of synthetic fertilizer production:  as fuels for power generation, ships, and other vehicles, and as a carrier for hydrogen, ammonia can enable the energy transition away from fossil fuels.  Ammonia has the promise to replace liquified natural gas, diesel, and fuel oil in most bulk applications and offers many practical benefits over hydrogen for these applications.

CDI’s knowledge and experience can assist any ammonia producer with greenfield or brownfield projects to produce Blue and Green Ammonia.

In addition, CDI; knowledge and experience in implementing CO2 carbon capture and sequestration can be applied to virtually any industrial process, from ethanol production to clean hydrogen production. Our deep engineering experience with high-pressure compressors, pumps, heat exchangers, and dehydration/deoxygenation processes can help you size, design, and requisition equipment and integrate it with your existing or new process installation. Our multi-discipline team can also address every necessary aspect of storage, pipe racks, civil and structural design, instrumentation, and electrical power needed to support a complete project.

Why Choose Us?

Engineering Excellence: Our team comprises highly skilled engineers with extensive experience in Green & Blue Ammonia and CCUS technologies.

Multidisciplinary Approach: We adopt a multidisciplinary approach, combining expertise in chemical engineering, process optimization, and environmental sustainability.

Innovation and Research: We stay at the forefront of technological advancements, continuously researching and developing innovative engineering solutions.

Project Management: We provide end-to-end project management, from conceptual design to commissioning and operation, ensuring seamless execution and successful project delivery.

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Ready to embark on your engineering journey towards Green & Blue Ammonia and CCUS technologies? Contact our engineering team today to discuss how we can collaborate to bring your projects to life. We are here to provide technical expertise, answer your inquiries, and help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Together, let’s engineer a sustainable future with our expertise in Green & Blue Ammonia and Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage (CCUS) technologies.



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