Quality Results, Safely Delivered is more than a tag line for CDI Engineering Solutions – it is at the core of everything we do.  Our Health Safety Security Environment and Quality (HSSEQ) program is an integral part of every project CDI Engineering Solutions delivers.

Our Zero-Defect Philosophy focuses on preventing damages or injuries, environmental damage, occupational illness and quality defects. As a result, our quality and safety record are among the best of any contractor in our business.

We believe our employees and clients are our most valuable resource. Safeguarding the workplace begins with our focus on leadership, teamwork and accountability. Our leadership team fosters a culture of care and is actively engaged in implementing and enforcing our HSSEQ programs. All of our project teams are expected to take proactive steps to maintain a safe and secure workplace. We reinforce our commitment to safety and encourage each employee to be personally responsible for their own safety and the safety of their fellow workers.

Building a ‘best in class’ operation requires a committed and inclusive approach to HSSEQ. Our equipment and installations are subject to rigorous testing and certification processes, and we implement a robust quality assurance framework for our staff. Our HSSEQ team monitors, measures, analyzes and refines key HSSEQ initiatives to ensure that our projects comply with the most rigorous and up to date HSSEQ standards. This focus on transparency and continual improvement fuels our HSSEQ culture and performance.

CDI Engineering Solutions offers a wide range of HSEEQ support services for our clients . We identify health, safety, and environmental program needs based on meeting current regulations and client processes. Our team is available to provide personnel for onsite safety management services, to conducting focused audits per your facility requirements.

We use the engineering concept of prevention/safety through design. Risk assessment and mitigation is a critical element of our design and engineering process, facilitated through integration of industry accepted design standards and codes into our work processes.

Our Goals

  • Zero incidences and zero non-conformities
  • Preservation of the environment
  • Continuous and sustainable improvement

Our Commitment

  • Integrate HSSEQ principles into all of CDI’s processes via CDiOS
  • Communicate the principles of our HSSEQ program throughout the entire organization
  • Maintain an evergreen HSSEQ program with annual reviews of all processes
    Verify and measure compliance and performance
  • Capture and implement lessons learned
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements

Our Resolve

  • Differentiate ourselves through our safety and operational excellence
  • Satisfy our clients by meeting or exceeding their requirements and expectations
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