Infrastructure is key to maintaining safe, efficient, people-friendly cities and towns. It encompasses nearly everything that we depend upon in life to function as a society, a culture and an economy.

CDI Engineering Solutions integrated approach to providing infrastructure engineering services means that our clients – and the communities they serve – can thrive and grow knowing the vital services they need to live are available.

Our team of engineers, planners, surveyors, GIS analysts, geologists, biologists and project managers are helping to improve communities across the country.


Various Projects

Client: Seward Generating Station

Location:Seward, PA


Ash Disposal Site

Client: Shawville Power Plant

Location: Clearfield, PA


Franklin Borough Sanitary Sewer Evaluation and Improvement Project

Client: Franklin Borough, Cambria County, PA

Location: Franklin Borough, Cambria County, PA


Wallboard Plant

Client: US Gypsum Corporation

Location: Washingtonville, PA

engineer reviewing plans

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