We are Committed to Sustainable Change.

Sustainability is a word many of us hear daily, yet like so many words which become common; we grow numb to its actual meaning. Sustainability means the degree to which mankind will remedy issues associated with the gases, materials, and effluents it generates that harm nature. Although typically viewed as a journey, it is in fact a relentless battle over the future conditions of human existence.


We recognize that changes to the world’s energy systems and chemical manufacturing industries are needed to provide the highest quality of life for future generations. Because of this, CDI is fully committed to operating a sustainable business while enabling our clients to achieve their sustainability goals. We will work as a trusted partner to support our clients in bringing to market low-carbon alternative fuels, electric vehicles, power components, and chemicals in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way. We are fully committed to these goals because we desire a greater future for humanity, nature and society at large.


Our Sustainability Progress


CDI remains fully committed to continued Environmental, Sustainability, and Governance progress. Our comprehensive ESG program was recognized with a Silver Medal in 2024 by EcoVadis, a leading independent rating agency of sustainability practices. The Silver Medal places us in the top 15% of more than 90,000 firms worldwide.


Our ESG team has quantified our carbon footprint and assessed many business practices. Today, with total leadership commitment, CDI is undertaking improvements in our Safety, Employee Engagement, Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity programs and taking steps to drive down our carbon footprint and environmental impact. These actions will make CDI a stronger company and a better place to work, all while reducing our impact on the environment.

“Our customers are tackling some of the world’s greatest challenges: cleaner energy, resilient infrastructure, making the most of natural resources. CDI will be at the forefront, providing innovative and sustainable solutions, exploring all options in pursuit of answers to these challenges.”


Steve Karlovic
CDI Engineering Solutions

Supporting our Clients’ Sustainability Goals

Energy Decarbonization

  • Carbon footprint assessment and reduction
  • Plant efficiency & power factor
  • LED Lighting/ Building Envelope Analysis
  • On-site solar and/or storage
  • Aging/ Inefficient Infrastructure
  • High-efficiency Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Energy Analytics
  • Wind Turbines
  • Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Sequestration – CCUS

Renewable Fuels

  • Bio & renewable diesel
  • Blue Fuels/ Low Carbon Fuel Standard Production (LCFS)
  • Blue/ Green Ammonia Production
  • Waste to Green Methanol

Distributed Generation 

  • Cogeneration/ CHP
  • Fuel Cells
  • CUP
  • Demand Response
  • Microgrids

Energy Resilience

  • Battery Storage/ BESS (plant and utility-scale)
  • Diesel or Natural Gas Gensets
  • Horizontal Generators
  • Power Quality/ UPS

Energy Transition 

  • EV charging and Infrastructure
  • Boiler/ Furnace Electrification
  • Energy Analytics (dynamic optimization)
  • Hydrogen
  • Battery materials production
  • Advanced semiconductor materials


  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Impact studies and risk assessment

Sustainable Project Examples:

Battery Anode Material Production
Southeastern US

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management services for the first commercial battery anode material plant in the United States.

Biodiesel Production Facility
Gulf Coast

Front End Engineering Design for this biodiesel production facility.

Green Ammonia Production
Gulf Coast 

Engineering services to implement North America’s first commercial green ammonia production capability.

Silicon Carbide Production
Bay City, MI

Engineering and design support for a new facility to produce the advanced semiconductor material needed for next-generation and power electronics.

Clean Hydrogen Plant
Central US

Laser scanning, engineering, and design services to upgrade an existing coal gasification plant with hydrogen production and carbon dioxide capture and sequestration

Blue Ammonia Production
Gulf Coast 

Designing carbon dioxide compression and conditioning systems for the first commercial blue ammonia production capability in the United States.

engineer reviewing plans

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