The World is Changing.


Changes to the world’s energy systems are needed to reduce greenhouse gases and improve sustainability. Changes to infrastructure are needed to face the impacts of climate change. Work is needed to safeguard our natural resources, to meet the needs and impact of explosive population growth. CDI is fully committed to helping our customers meet the goals of energy transition and achieve their sustainability goals.


A broadly diverse firm, CDI has a strong base in the energy and chemicals industries and across the fields of public and private infrastructure (buildings, roads, highways and bridges, aviation, health care).

“Our customers are tackling some of the world’s greatest challenges: cleaner energy, resilient infrastructure, making the most of natural resources. CDI will be at the forefront, providing innovative and sustainable solutions, exploring all options in pursuit of answers to these challenges.”


Steve Karlovic
CDI Engineering Solutions

We have a wide range of sustainable capabilities to help you achieve your goals


  • Carbon footprint assessment and reduction
  • Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage – CCUS
  • Blue Fuels/Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS)
  • Green and Blue ammonia and fertilizer production

Renewable Fuels

  • Bio & renewable diesel
  • Synthetic fuels
  • Ammonia fuel
  • Compressed hydrogen gas

Green Electric Power

  • Photovoltaic generation
  • Wind generation

Energy Efficiency & Conservation

  • LEED and Sustainable Architecture
  • Plant efficiency & power factor
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • High efficiency Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Geothermal heating/cooling

Energy Storage

  • Compressed air
  • Battery (plant and utility scale)
  • Battery material production


  • Brownfield site redevelopment
  • Water resources planning and management
  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Impact studies and risk assessment
  • Clean/low sulfur fuels

Sustainable Project Examples:

Battery Anode Material Production
Confidential Client, Southeastern US

Our team provided Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management services.

Biodiesel Production Facility
Gulf Coast

Our team provided Front End Engineering Design for this biodiesel production facility.

Wind Farm Development
Northeast Pennsylvania

Our team provided Surveying, Environmental Impact Studies, Permitting, Topographical & Planimetric Mapping, Construction Staking, Access roadway design, Post-construction As-built Drawings, Preliminary Deed Plot/Cadastral Mapping

Carrie Furnace – Land Development,
Allegheny County, PA

This brownfield project involved the redevelopment and revitalization of a historic landmark in Allegheny County, PA.

New Headquarters & Operations Support Center, Sheetz, Inc., Claysburg, PA

This beautiful new office building included many sustainable design features:

  • The exterior wall is constructed of metal stud framing over which an exterior insulation system was installed to eliminate thermal bridging.
  • The skin of the building consists of fiber cement architectural wall panels, natural stone veneer, and aluminum curtain wall.
  • High efficiency condensing boilers rated at 95% efficiency were used, resulting in energy savings and less discharge to the atmosphere.
  • High-efficiency commercial water heaters are able to sustain 96% thermal efficiency over the lifetime of the equipment.

New South Hall Science Building
Middlesex County College, Middlesex, NJ

This building achieved LEED Gold status with the incorporation of many sustainable design features.  The building was designed to create an abundance of natural light, providing user well-being and reduced lighting costs. The shaded glass on the south, east, and west facades minimize solar gain within the building, thereby reducing energy costs. Additional sustainable aspects of this project include:

  • 37% Less Water Use
  • 25% Less Energy Use
  • 33% Recycled Content
  • 46% Regional Content
  • 96% Construction Waste Diverted
  • 100% FSC Certified Case Goods
  • 0% VOC – Low Emitting Materials
engineer reviewing plans

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