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Please help us welcome Bimi Shrestha!

Bimi Shrestha has joined CDI Engineering Solutions as a Process Sustainability Engineer.  Her focus will be on Decarbonization, Renewable Energy and conversion of biomass.  Bimi holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from UL Lafayette and is a PhD candidate in Systems Engineering expected to graduate in early 2023.  Bimi’s doctoral dissertation is on “Anaerobic [...]Read More


Industries where gasification plays a large role in production processes can be ideal for CO2 capture and sequestration. The first steps to “Capture” are the separation and subsequent compression of CO2. Highly compressed CO2 is necessary if the goal is to store the CO2 in deep geological porous strata at its supercritical phase (the leading [...]Read More

Ammonia Services

The Green Revolution Of the many important uses of ammonia, the most significant is its use in synthetic fertilizers. Perhaps the most important element of the “Green Revolution” in agriculture in the last century, synthetic fertilizer is responsible for supporting more than half the population of the world and keeping them from starvation. As ammonia [...]Read More

Scaffolding Engineering and Design Services

Most industrial construction projects require scaffolding to provide safe working access above ground elevation. CDI. Whatever the height and loading requirements and whether the need is for days or years, CDI can engineer a safe scaffolding solution. Our technical team can partner with your preferred equipment provider to offer a seamless, one-stop solution for all [...]Read More

Electrical Infrastructure

Electrical Infrastructure is the single most critical component to the long-term success to an operation. The entire operation can hinge on a facility’s electrical infrastructure availability and some components are more critical than others, either because of the process they support or because they are a singular system feature. From the Utility feed on down [...]Read More

Rice Global Engineering & Construction Conference

Execution of a Project CDI President/CEO Steve Karlovic recently participated in the 23rd Annual Rice Global Engineering & Construction Conference. The distinguished gathering, which draws Engineering & Construction industry leaders from across the globe, focused this year on the impacts of the COVID pandemic on the E&C industry. It was held virtually. Steve participated in [...]Read More

Total Installed Cost (TIC) Estimating

As a specific service, or as part of overall EPC or EPCM, CDI Engineering Solutions provides our clients with accurate and detailed estimates of the cost of a project, from conception to closeout. Our Estimating Department is led by Marty Belgard, a veteran project controls/estimating specialist with more than 40 years’ experience in the industry. [...]Read More

22 Year Breast Cancer Survivor

It was not a case of “IF” but “WHEN”. Thank goodness, that is how I lived my life. Self-examination was simply a routine event.  My mother succumbed to breast cancer at a young age, so the odds were against me.  One particular morning, I felt the lump.  Not very big, but still there.  I did [...]Read More