Reducing the Burden of Plastics on the Environment

CDI Engineering Solutions has been helping polymer producers recycle virgin and post-consumer plastics for years. Yet, despite the efforts of these manufacturers, consumers and government, less than 10% of post-consumer plastic is actually recycled, according to sources like the US Environmental Protection Agency. With estimates of annual plastic consumption at an average of 60 pounds per person in the US, hundreds of millions of pounds of unrecycled plastic are heading to landfills, or worse, into our open spaces, rivers and oceans.

Advanced Recycling, also known as “chemical recycling” or “molecular recycling” is a set of technologies that can convert post-consumer plastics that aren’t economically recyclable into the raw materials needed to produce new plastic resins.

Clean-Seas Carbon-Negative Technology

CDI is Proud to be Supporting Clean-Seas, a subsidiary of CleanVision Corporation in its implementation of Plastic Conversion plants in several US municipalities.