CDI Engineering Solutions provides a full scope of professional services for engineered coastal structures and waterfront infrastructure projects located in the marine environment.

For nearly 20 years, CDI has been servicing our client’s needs throughout the United States as well as supporting their waterfront infrastructure elsewhere in the U.S. and abroad. Our extensive knowledge of marine design and close relationships with many marine contractors enables us to provide the highest quality service on a broad range of projects.

CDI works to optimize the efficiency and operations to meet each client’s business goals. With each new project comes a new and unique solution. Regardless of the project size, CDI provides the highest quality product that enables our clients to realize their business potential.

Our maritime specialists are fully conversant in all of the major trends currently affecting the sector, to help you carefully match capacity to demand. We remain current on worldwide marine standards, like PIANC and OCIMF, to ensure that our designs are safe and efficient. By combining technical, financial, and operational expertise we assist clients with the commercial decision-making process while minimizing investment risk.


  • Feasibility Studies for New Site Locations
  • Structural/Marine Permitting
  • Dock Front End Design & Layout:
    – Roadways, Walkways & Pipe Bridges
    – Fendering, Loading Arms, Bollards, Hose/Access Crane, etc.
  • Multi-Discipline Marine Engineering: Structural, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical & Instrumentation
  • Engineering & Construction TIC Estimating & Scheduling
  • Berthing Analysis to Accommodate all Ranges of Ships & Barges
  • Mooring & Passing Ship Analysis
  • Dock Upgrade Studies
  • Damage & Maintenance Assessments
    – Barge Haul Design: Structural, Mechanical, E/I
    – Sheetpile and Combination Wall Retaining Wall Design
    – Captive Barge Design
    – River Water Intake Design
    – Water Discharge System Design
    – Ship and Barge Access Selection
    – Dock Shelter Selection
    – Dock Operations Manuals
engineer reviewing plans

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