Geotechnical investigations are vital to the success of any construction project. Early inclusion of specialized professionals in the planning stages of a project is critical to the design process, and can identify and minimize potential problems.

For more than 40 years, CDI Engineering Solutions has been providing Geotechnical, Geophysical, Surveying/Mapping, Utility Locating and Material Testing Services to engineers, architects, contractors, developers, government agencies, utility companies and insurance companies.

Our trained personnel are experienced with highly specialized equipment to provide real-time data collection and interpretation in the field, streamlining investigation completion, and minimizing overall project costs.

Our specialized equipment includes: a fleet of nine drill rigs (track and truck-mounted), an AASHTO accredited soils test lab, a CCRL accredited concrete testing lab, nuclear density testing equipment, geophysical testing equipment (including Ground Penetrating Radar), and an array of surveying instruments (including GPS and Laser Scanning).


  • Geotechnical
    – Stockpile Inventories
    – Drilling – Versatile Fleet of Tracked and Truck-Mounted Drill Rigs
    – Material Testing
  • Geospatial
    – Survey
    – Laser Scanning
    – Aerial Photogrammetric Mapping
engineer reviewing plans

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