CDI Team Lectures at LSU College of Engineering

Barry Thrasher, Mechanical Department Manager, and Kyle Wooster, Mechanical Engineer, were invited by LSU to deliver three lectures to LSU students in the Advanced Topics / Mechanical Engineering course (ME4933 Petro-Chemical Process Equipment) during the week of March 9th. This course was designed specifically to prepare mechanical engineering graduates for jobs in the petrochemical industry, by introducing them to the types of equipment they will encounter in the plant environment.

Guest lecturers are Subject Matter Experts drawn from local industrial plants and consultant engineering firms; we’re very proud to have two CDI professionals in that select group. The course topics include Types of Compressors, Auxiliary Systems, Surge and Stonewall, Operation and Troubleshooting, Applicable API Standards for Compressors, Condition Monitoring, and engineering tools and techniques for analyzing the typical failure modes of the equipment.