CDI Marine Engineering


CDI’s marine experts can assist you with all of your marine engineering needs. Our expertise includes structural design and analysis of docks and all associated structures, design of vessel and material movement systems, assistance in acquiring all marine-related permits, and all other marine-related needs.

What is the Condition of your Dock?

Conducting marine operations on a deteriorated or overloaded dock can lead to damage of the dock or berthed vessels. This damage can result in delayed operations, dock downtime, safety hazards, and environmental hazards. CDI can survey and assess your dock to identify and address potential issues before they happen, avoiding the lost revenue and hazards that result from marine incidents.

New Dock or Upgrade?

CDI can assess an existing dock to determine if it is capable of safely berthing larger vessels than currently rated. If not, CDI can determine the necessary upgrades to berth larger vessels and the cost to do so. For new docks, CDI can help select sites, layout new docks, and acquire permits leading to the most efficient design and installation.

Most Beneficial Marine Services Include:

• Ongoing maintenance and survey program
• Emergency Response and Damage Assessment
• Dock Rating Study (“Safe Berth Study”)
– Including berthing analysis and Optimoor mooring analysis
• Dock Upgrade Study
• Site Evaluation
• Permitting
• Front-End Engineering, Estimating, and Scheduling
• Repair of aging docks
• Detailed Design of new dock structures and associated items
• Design analysis and upgrades of Ship, Barge, and Material handling systems.

Reasons to Partner with CDI Engineering Solutions

CDI Engineering Solutions has extensive experience with all of your inland and coastal marine engineering needs. Our key marine personnel have over 100 years combined experience assisting a wide variety of industrial clients in marine design all over the United States, as well as international locations. CDI can work with you from conceptual design through placement of a new dock in service, identifying all of the unique marine requirements along the way that can cause a project to be delayed or run over budget. Additionally, CDI has developed and works with a wide variety of marine suppliers and contractors. We work with the marine vendors to ensure efficient design and ensure that the vendors are capable of completing the scope of work within schedule and on budget for our clients.