Air Filtration in Commercial Respirators

CDI Engineering Solutions has teamed with Louisiana State University (LSU) to address the need for air filtration in commercial respirators. Currently, filter cartridges are currently being used in the intake and exhaust air systems. Because of the sharp increase in demand for respirators in the COVID 19 pandemic, there is a shortage of filter cartridges, leading to delays and increased costs in the production of critically-needed respirators.

Our goal is to identify an alternative for the filter cartridges that is readily available and cost-effective.

CDI is working with LSU to develop potential solutions. We have supplied LSU with alternative media which uses LSU/XOM-derived makeshift cartridges. So far, field testing of the media has shown it to be 98% efficient in the filtration of intake and exhaust air. CDI is extremely proud to be part of the global effort to provide solutions and develop innovative responses to the pandemic that continues to up-end societies and economies around the world.